The future begins with innovation

Trendsetting BAUR solutions

Innovation: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry | BAUR GmbH

With their know-how, BAUR employees are esteemed members of official bodies, which means that they are quick to learn about new trends and developments. Working together with our customers, we develop and create new products and solutions of the highest quality, thereby ensuring the long-term success of the company. 

Areas of innovation


Innovations in cable testing and diagnostics

Information about the cable condition enables the network operator to identify weak points in cables and makes it possible to plan investments. Our direct and regular contact with customers allows us to learn about market requirements at an early stage. With decades of experience and the extensive expertise we have gained as a result, we are able to realise new trends as they arise and play an important role in ensuring the security of supply of power grids.

Innovation: truesinus | BAUR GmbH
Innovation: MWT | BAUR GmbH
Innovation: VLF Generator | BAUR GmbH
Innovations in cable fault location

Innovations in cable fault location

When faults occur in cables, the top priority is to locate them. Speed and precision are critical to ensuring that the cable can be put back into operation in a timely manner.  Our mission is ensuring the flow – we develop new methods and devices to achieve this worldwide.

Innovation: SIM / MIM | BAUR GmbH
Innovation: XL-CFL | BAUR GmbH
Innovations in cable test vans and systems

Innovations in cable test vans and systems

Equipped to handle any call-out. This was the original objective of our customers and paved the way for the development of our first cable test van in the late 1960s. Numerous optimisations and further developments have allowed us to proudly include an automatic, software-controlled cable test van and state-of-the-art software in our current product portfolio.

Innovation: transcable | BAUR GmbH

Cable test van transcable

The late 1960s saw the development of the first delivery van equipped with BAUR products. This milestone achievement provides a fast and easy way for cable testers to get their equipment where they need it. transcable is an automatic or semi-automatic, single- or three-phase cable fault location system. Through the modular design, the individually functional modules work independently from one another. This means that the transcable system can be easily extended at any time.

Innovation: titron | BAUR GmbH
Innovation: BAUR Software 4 | BAUR GmbH
Innovations in insulating oil testing

Innovations in insulating oil testing

BAUR revolutionised the market for insulating oil testers in the 1950s and has been the preferred company for insulating oil testing internationally for more than 60 years. We work with universities, laboratories, and standardisation and test bodies to advance the testing of insulating materials and the associated standards. The expertise acquired over the last six decades in the development of our insulating oil testers has been incorporated into national and international standards, which today define the industry standard.

Innovation: DTL C | BAUR GmbH