Cable testing and diagnostics

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The BAUR portfolio covers all the important requirements of mains operators with regard to testing and diagnostics technology in the medium voltage range.

Testing devices are required for successful commissioning of underground cable networks or repairs. Diagnostic testing devices are used for evaluating the cable status, which enables optimised and anticipatory maintenance planning and thus minimises failures. This planning is best established with the BAUR diagnostics system.

With truesinus® digital technology BAUR offers the most modern technology for generating voltage with VLF (Very Low Frequency 0.1 Hz) and thus enables the least destructive testing and diagnostics of modern medium-voltage cables in compliance with the standards.


But even for older cable designs, e.g. paper-insulated mass-impregnated cables, BAUR offers ideal devices for DC voltage testing.

Part 3/4: Application options

Part 2/4: Standards and principles, measurement methods

Part 1/4: Why diagnostics? Benefits versus costs