Baur GmbH: PD-TaD 80


Portable PD diagnostics system

A new dimension in cable condition evaluation


The PD-TaD 80 portable PD diagnostics system is used in combination with a BAUR VLF generator for carrying out:

  • Partial discharge testing and location
  • VLF cable testing with parallel partial discharge testing
  • Dissipation factor measurement

With the partial discharge testing and the dissipation factor measurement, two effective and proven methods for evaluating the ageing condition of medium-voltage cables and cable accessories have been combined in a single compact and portable device. The result is a one-step 360° cable analysis with: early detection and localisation of weak points through a PD measurement, in addition to the evaluation of dielectric ageing based on the dissipation factor values.


Light, robust and portable: PD-TaD is ideal for installation in the cable test vans and, in combination with PHG portable, is also suitable for mobile use in the field.



  • Comprehensive 360° cable analysis – with partial discharge and dissipation factor measurement
  • The lightest and most compact PD measuring device up to 80 kVpeak: Saves space and weight in the cable test van
  • High-quality measurement technology combined with ease of use



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