Insulating oil testing

No less than 1.3 billion litres of crude oil are consumed every year as insulating oil in current transformers and other devices. BAUR is fully aware of the significance of this figure and has therefore already been offering durable and reliable insulating oil testers for decades, that are designed for maximum operating life in daily round-the-clock operation at the highest quality standards.


With precision technologies that ensure the basis for conscious and economical operation of a constantly increasing number of transformers and current transformers. BAUR revolutionised the market for insulating oil testers in the 1950s and in the meantime has become the preferred company for insulating oil testing internationally for more than 60 years.


The expertise incorporated in our insulating oil testers was essential for the development of more than 20 standards, which today define the industry standard. Even in the future we will be able to guarantee such uniform measurement results to enable our customers around the world to work safely with a valuable substance: electricity.