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Calibration process



On arrival, your device is inspected and then calibrated. This initial calibration determines the actual condition of your device. The results of this calibration provide immediate information on whether the measuring device has measured within the tolerances in the previous calibration cycle.



If a deviation outside of the tolerances is detected on your device, we can adjust the device according to your wishes. The adjustment process reduces the measurement deviations of your device to a minimum.



Once the measuring device has been adjusted, it is recalibrated. The second calibration serves as the independent inspection and certification that your device now measures within the tolerances after the adjustment. 


BAUR Service

Our BAUR calibration service includes the calibration and adjustment of your device. The results of each calibration are documented for you in the form of a calibration certificate. In addition to information about the measuring device, these certificates also include information about the reference devices used, the measurement results, and the date of calibration.


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Calibrating your measuring devices at BAUR

The BAUR calibration laboratory performs calibrations as a legally independent body . As a laboratory, BAUR can provide objective and reliable results. This independence is particularly important because it gives you the certainty you need that the calibration results of your devices are precise and reliable.


By performing calibrations as a legally independent body, BAUR ensures the highest standards and can thus guarantee that the measurement results are correct. You can therefore rely on the expertise of BAUR and be certain that your instruments and devices are working precisely.


Having your measuring devices calibrated regularly allows us to detect any deviations or measurement errors in good time. As part of the process, we determine all of the data that deviates from "normal".


We document our work on the calibration certificate, which includes details all of the measurement data, the uncertainty of measurement associated with the measurement data, and the tolerances, giving you maximum certainty. It doesn't matter where you bought your measuring device.

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Overview of the advantages


Trust and credibility

You can be certain that we perform our calibrations in accordance with recognised and valid norms and standards.


Quality control

We meet strict requirements in order to maintain our quality standards. This means that we ensure a high level of quality control and process reliability in order to achieve accurate and reliable results.


Technical competence

We are committed to keeping our technical competence up to date, meaning that we are able to handle a wide range of measuring devices and test equipment.

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