BAUR measuring technique: Meaningful results and standard compliant

Based on international research as well as decades of practical experience, VLF cable testing and diagnostics on medium-voltage systems is now a recognised method among leading bodies and associations. What this means for you is that cable and sheath testing as well as diagnostic measurements with VLF voltage are performed in compliance with standards. You don't have to concern yourself with standard-compliant work procedures as we've already taken care of that for you. You decide which standard you would like to follow; our devices come with the according procedures. Through the creation of customised sequences , the BAUR Software 4 for testing and diagnostics also enables standard-compliant testing and diagnostics with the appropriate flexibility to design your own diagnostics philosophy – for optimum integration in your diagnostics sequences.

Excerpt from standards

Test standards for medium-voltage cables Contents
IEC 60502.2-2014
1 kV to 30 kV cables

New IEC standard, describes VLF testing as an acceptance test

Also includes diagnostics during the voltage test

Cenelec HD 620 1996,
VDE 6 kV to 30 kV cables
Harmonisation document for IEC, VDE European standard for acceptance tests since 1996
IEEE 400-2012
6 kV to 30 kV cables
Guide for field testing and evaluation of the insulation of shielded power cable systems rated 5 kV and above. Detailed overview of testing and diagnostics methods
IEEE 400.2-2013 Guide for field testing of shielded power cable systems using VLF test voltage. Detailed guide for VLF testing and diagnostics.
IEC 60229 Sheath testing
IEC 60270 Describes partial discharge measurement
IEC 60060-3 Describes the requirements concerning
the properties of the
VLF voltage shape

Cable diagnostics with BAUR devices and software makes it possible to depict each standard. The BAUR Software 4 enables easy integration in your own diagnostics philosophy.

BAUR measurement methods for underground cables and accessories:

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