Monitored Withstand Test

Diagnostics procedures appropriately combined

Whether dissipation factor or partial discharge measurement - both diagnostics methods have their advantages. However, individually, neither of them can detect all weak points. For this reason, it is worthwhile combining both procedures - whether carried out subsequently or together in one procedure. You will obtain valuable, additional information and increase the certainty in the condition evaluation and in the search for faults.

Monitored Withstand Test – more information in less time


The time-saving combination of testing and diagnostics is known as the Monitored Withstand Test (MWT). The MWT provides significant information for the condition evaluation and allows for the required test duration to be adapted to the cable condition. The combined procedure is recognised by the IEEE and IEC, and is recommended as an appropriate measurement method for service-aged cable systems.

Condition evaluation with low voltage


The procedure programmed in the BAUR devices for the MWT is split into two: The diagnostic measurement takes place in the voltage build-up stage so that you can get an idea of the cable condition; outdated cables are detected and you can take prompt action to ensure that pre-damaged cables are not exposed to the test voltage unnecessarily.


During the MWT stage, in which the diagnostics are carried out in parallel to the cable testing, you will identify the time response of tan δ. During the so-called Full MWT, the partial discharge measurement is also effected and PD faults can be simultaneously presented and precisely localised. 

Condition-based test duration


The condition-based test duration is a big advantage for you as the operator. Based on positive diagnostics measured values, cable testing can be shortened to 15 minutes so that the cable is not under load for an unnecessarily long period of time.

Full Monitored Withstand Test


Carrying the cable testing and cable diagnostics out in parallel (with tan-δ measurement or partial discharge measurement) in the Monitored Withstand Test saves time and provides valuable information for asset management. 

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