Cable fault pin-pointing and tracing:

faster and accurate with the new AFP audio frequency probe


Where's the cable? Where exactly is the fault? Measurement engineers now get a much faster and satisfactory answer to both of these questions as BAUR has now added the AFP audio frequency probe to the protrac® system to provide valuable functions for cable fault pin-pointing and tracing with audio frequency. The AFP audio frequency probe has a 3D Space coil, which simplifies handling and delivers more accurate results. This in turn speeds up both the cable tracing and the pinpointing short-circuits between phases. In fact, the audio frequency probe has four coils – the fourth coil is used for the depth measurement, which can be done as a direct measurement or by the 45° angle method. Using these two measurement methods, it is possible to reliably determine the laying depth, even in difficult conditions. This reduces the risk of imprecise, lengthy excavations and potential cable damage.

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