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Customer Support

Our Customer Support Team will be happy to answer any queries about the devices, software or applications. Use the expertise of our engineers and contact our specialists at the BAUR office closest to you. BAUR support worldwide

Spare parts

The supply of spare parts is an important mainstay of our Customer Support service. We supply high quality spare parts. Please contact our experts at the BAUR office closest to you for any advice. BAUR support worldwide

Repair and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of our devices essentially helps increase the service life. We are happy to carry out this maintenance and even repairs in the case of accidents or damage. Our services include:


  • Technically correct repair
  • Maintenance of your cable test vans through regular servicing
  • Repair of defective devices


For this, contact our experts at the BAUR agency closest to you: BAUR support worldwide

Calibration & Inspection

Yearly calibration of your devices assures precise results. We offer calibration services for a variety of testing devices based on your individual quality requirements. In addition, we also offer high-voltage tests in-house or directly on site. To book a calibration or measurement service, please contact the respective BAUR office closest to you. BAUR support worldwide

Individual training sessions on site - training sessions for efficient use of devices