Cable test vans and systems

for fast, precise cable fault location and diagnostics

The complexity of cable networks means that individual measurement engineers are required to perform a wide range of tasks. Even at the resource planning stage, it is often still unclear which equipment will actually be required on site. This is where the systems from BAUR come in. By adapting the equipment to customer-specific requirements and controlling the devices via the intelligent BAUR Software 4, measurement engineers are optimally prepared for whatever activities need to be performed on site.


Every measurement engineer can rest assured that all the requirements in their system are reliably met. The system carries out the work in an efficient manner – without restricting the operator’s freedom to make decisions. Flexibility is our highest priority; this means each step suggested by the system can be selected freely. 

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System solutions with additional value


The cable test van is becoming indispensable for every measurement engineer, as it ensures they are optimally equipped to handle any call-out. BAUR offers four types of system solutions for single- and three-phase cables: the titron® and transcable cable test vans, the Syscompact series, and systems for cable fault location that are specifically intended for very long cables.

BAUR cable test vans & systems

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