Quality and responsibility

We excel in it

Quality is an important element of BAUR’s strategy and brand.


Our quality vision can be expressed as follows:

“BAUR stands for excellent product and process quality”


This vision is realised by capable, motivated, conscientious staff using standardised processes and modern technologies and working on the basis of the following quality principles:


  • It is the customer who decides what quality means.

    Quality is defined as understanding and exceeding customer expectations. The customer is at the centre of everything we do.

  • Quality concerns everyone.

    Quality begins at management level and concerns all staff. Every employee is responsible for the quality of the work done in his/her field.

  • We integrate quality into our products and processes right from the start.

    Quality is achieved by acting consistently at all levels: From the idea and product development, through purchasing and completion, to sale and customer care.

    We regularly check all processes for appropriateness.

  • We strive for improvement.

    All staff are obliged to look out for opportunities to change things for the better and to actively implement improvements.

  • We bear responsibility for people and the environment.

    Treating the environment with care and doing business fairly are important to us. We are aware of our responsibility to our staff and customers, the environment and to society as a whole. We therefore do business with vision, act in the interests of nature and are committed to our fellow human beings. Thinking and acting sustainably is second nature to us.