Cable fault location

Locate faults quickly, minimise downtimes

A reliable power supply is and remains extremely important. To ensure a reliable power supply, a high-performance power grid and short downtime are crucial.


Often, faults on underground cables result in partial or total failure of the power supply and can lead to high repair and restoration costs. It is only through fast and precise cable fault location that repairs can be made quickly to keep costs as low as possible and minimise downtime.

Cable fault location with BAUR – reliability with system


BAUR’s top quality cable fault location technology has been setting a global benchmark for decades. With more than 75 years of experience in cable fault location, we offer application-oriented solutions for measurement engineers to suit all requirements and budgets – with everything available from a single source. 

All of the technologies work together in an uncompromising manner, even in one single system. Supported by the new forward-looking software concept, they are easy to use, making it possible for less experienced operators to also use their system in a professional and efficient manner. 


Applications: Cable fault location | BAUR GmbH

Speed and precision: BAUR cable fault location

Applications: Rectify network faults more rapidly | BAUR GmbH
Applications: Non-destructive and safe pin-pointing | BAUR GmbH
Applications: Long submarine and land cables | BAUR GmbH
Applications: Long submarine and land cables | BAUR GmbH

Locating cable faults: Detailed knowledge and solution packages

Applications: Cable fault | BAUR GmbH
Applications: Process steps & methods | BAUR GmbH
Applications: Control Cables | BAUR GmbH

Control cables


Here, the focus is on various control cables, e.g. in switchgear, telephone cables, traffic light pre-emption, etc.

Applications: Low voltage cable | BAUR GmbH

Low voltage cable


… voltages up to 1 kV.

Applications: Medium voltage cable | BAUR GmbH

Medium voltage cable


… voltages from 1 kV to 36 kV (country-specific).

Applications: High-Voltage Cables | BAUR GmbH

High voltage connection cable


… voltages from 36 kV (country-specific).

Applications: Submarine and land cables | BAUR GmbH

Very long submarine and land cables


Very long cables for voltage transport, e.g. from offshore turbines, to supply power to islands, etc.

BAUR's solution expertise in measurement & testing technology: