BAUR Cable Fault Location App

Non-destructive and safe pin-pointing

Applications: Cable Fault Location App | BAUR GmbH

Remote control of titron® via smartphone or tablet 


During pin-pointing, all the essential functions of titron® can be controlled remotely via the BAUR Fault Location App:

  • Switching the surge voltage generator on and off
  • Setting the surge voltage and surge sequence (5 – 20 pulses/min, single surge)
  • Selecting the surge voltage range

This way, the operator is only able to switch on the high voltage when they reach the
pre-located fault location. Once the fault has been located, the high voltage can be switched off 
again. This means that the stress on the cable and the system is reduced to the necessary minimum and the 
level of safety is significantly increased.

Location and fault position at a glance


The cable data is transmitted from the cable fault location system to the Fault Location App and is displayed in the app in combination with the road map. This allows the operator always to have the latest information on the

  • Cable route (if available)
  • Pre-located fault position
  • Location of the cable test van

Monitoring and adjusting the measurement parameters during fault location


In the fault location mode, the operator always has an overview of the most important measurement parameters:

  • High-voltage status
  • Output voltage, max. permissible voltage
  • Surge sequence, surge energy, duration of the measurement
  • SSG capacitor charge and discharge curve
Applications: Smartphones Cable Fault Location App | BAUR GmbH

Supported devices

  • iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch (iOS from version 9.2)
  • Smartphones or tablets with Android operating system (from version 4.0.3 onwards)