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Despite major developments in this field, faults still occur frequently in cable systems for various reasons. In addition to trained personnel, you also need very efficient equipment to rectify faults.


Cable fault location devices and systems from BAUR cover the entire cable fault location process:

The initial fault analysis provides the basis for determining the subsequent procedure in the fault location process. During pre-location, the position of the fault is roughly located. The subsequent pin-pointing enables precise determination of the cable fault. Cable identification is used to identify the defective cable in a route. You can use various measurement methods depending on the type of fault and cable type.

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Cable sheath test system

SSG 1100

Surge voltage generator

SSG 1500

Surge voltage generator

SSG 2100

Surge voltage generator

BAUR SSG 1100 - 3000

SSG 3000

Surge voltage generator


SSG 500

Surge voltage generator

TG 20/50

Audio frequency transmitter


TG 600

Audio frequency transmitter


Cable test vans titron


VLF testing and diagnostics unit

25-34 of 34 products