Determining the breakdown voltage

Efficient and reliable

The insulation capacity of insulating liquids is assessed using breakdown voltage testing. The test results indicate whether any ageing of the oil has taken place, e.g. due to excessive water content, impurities or oxidation of the oil.


The right device for every situation

The BAUR DPA 75 C is a breakdown voltage tester designed for both laboratory and mobile use. The larger DTA 100 C unit is designed for continuous operation in the laboratory. 

Applications: Superior quality that you can depend on | BAUR GmbH

Superior quality that you can depend on


  • Measurement technology and power electronics
    designed for long service life
  • High-quality glass test vessels
  • Precise, reliable, and reproducible measurement results over very long periods


Simple and stable: BAUR breakdown strength test devices


Automatic test sequences

The combination of extremely short switch-off times during breakdowns and the easy oil sample handling facilitate high quality statements and conclusions on the insulating oil quality. Furthermore, features such as temperature measurement of the insulating liquid, the precise setting of electrode distances according to the standard and automatic self-testing ensure robust measurement results.

Precise voltage control

The voltage is measured on the secondary side at the device’s high-voltage generator, which means that very precise measurement results can be achieved. It also permanently monitors the voltage rise. Our “Real Breakdown Monitoring” (RBM) has proven itself excellent in practice.

Applications: DPA 75 C | BAUR GmbH
Applications: DTA 100 C | BAUR GmbH

BAUR products for insulating oil testing / breakdown voltage

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DPA 75 C

DPA 75 C

Oil breakdown voltage tester

DTA 100 C

DTA 100 C

Oil breakdown voltage tester

1-2 of 2 products