Compact and powerful – BAUR truesinus® voltage sources

The BAUR truesinus® voltage sources are handy and suitable for all relevant daily tasks – whether cable testing or diagnostics. They ensure highly reliable results and, thanks to the truesinus® technology developed by BAUR, they provide an ideally formed low-frequency sine voltage as well as the DC voltage required for sheath testing:


Highly accurate tan δ measurement

Thanks to the ideally formed truesinus®, you can rely on highly accurate measurements of the tan δ (tan delta or TD) and meaningful results for partial discharge measurement, as well as good reproducibility and comparability of the measured values.


This following speaks for the truesinus® technology

The VLF 0.1 Hz sine voltage is much more suitable for the tan δ measurement, which is important for condition evaluation, than other typical voltage shapes or frequencies. The ideal, long-waved sine enables TD measurement results
with the highest resolution. With these results, small rises and detailed properties can be recognised and evaluated. With regard to the dissipation factor measurement, the measurement with truesinus® is more sensitive than a measurement with operating frequency.

The advantages of truesinus®

  • Load-independent measurement results
  • Highly accurate tan delta
  • Reproducible, precise measurements
  • Possible to carry out testing and diagnostic measurements in parallel (Monitored Withstand Test)
  • Short measuring time
  • Compact voltage sources

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