Online PD testing

Cable check whilst live

With the help of liona, the portable BAUR online PD spot tester, cables can also be quickly and easily tested for partial discharges whilst live (online). The DeCIFer® algorithm supports the detection of partial discharge signals from noise signals. The online PD test helps to detect approximate weak points without switching off the system and, if required, to localise faults.

liona and iPD – a unique solution


  • For PD testing during normal mains operation if cables cannot be taken out of operation
  • For inexpensive testing of HV cable routes – even in the case of cross bonding
  • For straightforward initial estimation of PD 
  • For temporary monitoring of a cable route



  • Automatic PD detection – despite high noise levels
  • PD spot test in 3 minutes: connect – measure – read result
  • Unique technology for online PD location using artificial reflection
  • Easy-to-install, temporary monitoring system
  • Easy testing of MV and HV cables
Applications: Cable check whilst live: Online PD testing | BAUR GmbH

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Online PD Spot Tester

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