Partial discharge testing

Applications: Partial discharge testing | BAUR GmbH

Partial discharges occur at faults in the cable, e.g. at electrical trees, joints and terminations. Partial discharge diagnostics is used to determine possible fault locations in cables and accessories before they lead to failure. This makes it possible to rectify the problem in a timely manner and prevent any subsequent damage resulting from uncontrolled failures. Partial discharge measurement is effected in accordance with standard IEC 60270.

Partial discharge measurement can detect the following:


  • Faults in new and old cable accessories, such as incorrectly fitted joints 
  • Faults in the insulation of XLPE cables (e.g. electrical trees)
  • Insufficient mass-impregnated paper insulation due to drying
  • Mechanical damage to the cable sheath
Applications: PD signal superimposed with faults | BAUR GmbH

PD signal superimposed with faults

Applications: Signal cleaned with filter | BAUR GmbH

Signal cleaned with filter

BAUR PD measuring devices can diagnose the following:


  •  PD localisation
  •  PD level
  •  PD inception voltage / extinction voltage
  •  PD frequency

Supporting functions

  • Phase-resolved PD presentation for every 
  • Fault
  • PD interference filter function
  • Joint localisation
Applications: Combined presentation of location and PD assessment | BAUR GmbH

Combined presentation of location and PD assessment

Phase-resolved PD presentation (PRPD) 


The phasing of partial discharges can be determined through state-of-the-art analysis methods. This makes it possible for you to assign the fault to diverse types of fault and to plan subsequent measurements as well as repair measures in a target-oriented and time- and cost-saving manner.

Applications: Phase resolving for a PD position | BAUR GmbH

Phase resolving for a PD position

BAUR measurement methods for underground cables and accessories:

BAUR products for cable testing & diagnostics / partial discharge measurement

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BAUR Software 4

Software package for cable fault location, cable testing and cable diagnostics

PD-TaD 62

Portable PD diagnostics system

PD-TaD 80

Portable PD diagnostics system

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