BAUR software for the statistical estimation of the cable life time engineered by KEPCO.


Experienced-based analysis of the cable condition and estimation of the statistical remaining life time

  • Optimal estimation of the remaining life time of the cable route
  • Reduction in the failure rate
  • Prevention of social costs


The statex® analysis software is used for the detailed determination of the ageing condition, the speed of ageing and the statistical remaining life time of a cable route based on the dissipation factor diagnostics with VLF truesinus® voltage (Very Low Frequency).

In addition to the conventional evaluation parameters of IEEE 400.2 (SDTD, MTD and ΔTD) , the statex® also takes into account a new parameter - TD-Skirt - which illustrates the time stability of the dissipation factor (TD). This makes it possible to calculate the ageing index R and the speed of ageing VR of the cable route. It is also possible to receive an exact recommendation for when a subsequent measurement should be performed, or when work is required on the cable route. The economical operating limit of the cable and a company-specific safety margin are also incorporated in the calculation, which determines the optimal point in time to replace the cable.


Taking into consideration individual company guidelines and the visualisation of complex correlations between the various analysis parameters in a 3D matrix, statex® offers a new, ground-breaking option for cost-effective, operationally safe asset management.